Initial assessment

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The aim of an assessment, or initial consultation, is to understand what brought the person to seek help and to reach a formulation of what the problem is and what would be helpful at this point in time.The initial consultation serves as a space to assess what suits you and is usually conducted over more than one meeting, generally two.

Judith’s experience in assessment is vast. Being dually trained, both as a clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist, means that she has both a generic training to understand a wide range of difficulties as well as further specialist psychoanalytic skills to grasp what goes on under the surface.

Given her many years of experience working in the NHS, Judith is familiar with all main stream psychological therapies. Therefore, if psychoanalytic therapy is not for you at present, Judith will be able to advise and make a recommendation on what would be helpful to you at this point in time and why.

Sometimes, the initial consultation may serve as a unit on its own and people may not feel the need or wish to proceed onto treatment.